COVID-19 information

Dear musicians,

We would like to ask you for some information regarding vaccination in connection with COVID-19. The information is voluntary and will be treated confidentially. You are not obliged to give us any information, but we are happy to know whether you have already been vaccinated or not. The information is especially important for the safety of our host families.

If it is okay for you, please answer the following questions until latest Saturday, 10th July, 2021 (CET, Swiss Time).

Please note that in the Agreement you have accepted that we will test regularly during the Festival. Testing is obligatory for everyone. Those musicians who can prove to us at the beginning of the academy that they have already been fully vaccinated, will be exempted from testing, all others will have to be tested regularly.

Thank you very much for your trust. Stay healthy and see you soon in Lucerne,

Your Lucerne Festival Contemporary Team
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